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Firstly, thanks for the responses. My responses are inline below.

>> I'm creating a set of Java classes that closely reflect the structure 
>> of
> the
>> Zoneinfo database. My requirement is driven mostly by wanting to 
>> dynamically update Java TimeZone classes i.e. as opposed to compiling 
>> a zoneinfo data and re-starting my application.
> You probably want to look into JSR-310. TZDBZoneRulesCompiler in 
> JSR-310 creates ZoneRules from the tz database source files.
Ah - I certainly didn't know about this so thanks for the "heads-up". At first glance though, I don't see that Zoneinfo's structures are being faithfully reproduced here. I suppose another motivation for me was to stick to the Zoneinfo structure given that it is highly evolved and flexible. Please see the attached class diagram of what I'm working to and do feel free to voice your opinion. ZoneinfoTimeZone is a JDK compatible TimeZone facade whereas the rest are intended to represent Zoneinfo structures in an object oriented manner.

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