Wrong DST rules for Mauritius

Leonid A. Movsesjan lmovsesjan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 08:32:31 UTC 2010

Good day!

There are two rules for Mauritius in current version of timezone/africa:

Rule Mauritius  2008    max     -       Oct     lastSun 2:00s   1:00    S
Rule Mauritius  2009    max     -       Mar     lastSun 2:00s   0       -

It's wrong, because Mauritius used DST only in 2008/2009, prooflinks:


So, rules should be:

Rule Mauritius  2008    only     -       Oct     lastSun 2:00s   1:00    S
Rule Mauritius  2009    only     -       Mar     lastSun 2:00s   0       -

or something like that.

Best regards,
Leonid A. Movsesjan
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