Problems with this mailing list?

Yves Goergen nospam.list at
Sun Jul 4 06:41:13 UTC 2010


I observe some strange behaviour with this mailing list.

When trying to subscribe, nothing at all happened and after a second
try, somebody seemed to have done that manually. This is a very
irritating start for new people.

I had sent a message to the list a few days ago which just didn't appear
while a later one was sent around quite quickly. After a few hours I
just resent my message and then it worked. I didn't receive any error
message since then. It just got lost on the way with no notice.

My mail server keeps informing me now that the delivery of my messages
to the list is delayed by 24..48.. hours, but I already received the
list's echo of the regarding message. I'm wondering what final error
message my mail server will come up with when the retry timeout is over.

The list's address is changed in all messages I get from it. Instead of
tz at, my messages appear to be sent to
tz at I even see messages to "tz at"
<tz at>... What is the real address now?!

All very confusing here. I didn't observe such behaviour in any of the
other 13 mailing lists I'm subscribed to...

Yves Goergen "LonelyPixel" <nospam.list at>
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