Time zone confusion and implementation hints

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Tue Jul 6 17:43:01 UTC 2010

On 06.07.2010 18:30 CE(S)T, Alan Barrett wrote:
> I thought you were trying to build zic?  tzselect is something different.
> (Try "make zic" instead of just "make".)

That leads to:

> C:\Programme\MinGW\tz>mingw32-make zic
> makefile:306: warning: overriding commands for target `install'
> makefile:287: warning: ignoring old commands for target `install'
> cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo\"    -c -o zic.o zic.c
> process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo\" -c -o
> zic.o zic.c, ...) failed.
> make (e=2): Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
> mingw32-make: *** [zic.o] Error 2

Seems tz resists building on Windows? Has nobody ever tried yet?

Think I'll retry with Visual Studio and modify the source code to define
some macros to make it more friendly.

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