Egypt plan to [cancel] DST during Ramadan and then to resume DST again.

Arthur David Olson olsona at
Thu Jul 29 23:54:36 UTC 2010

We have this at

	In a statement released yesterday, the cabinet clarified that clocks
	will move back by one hour at midnight on Tuesday 10 August, to be
	moved forward again after Ramadan, on Thursday 9 September.  Clocks
	will roll back once more on Thursday 30 September to put the nation on
	winter time, as stipulated by law.

	Mosslem Shaltout, professor of solar-space physics and vice-chairman of
	the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS), said Ramadan
	will start, atronomically speaking, on Wednesday 11 August.

	According to Shaltout, the moon's crescent will appear at 6:08 AM on 10
	August, when the moon is on the same level with the sun and earth,
	marking the beginning of Ramadan.

Mosslem Shaltout is said to refer to an August 10 crescent moon,
and also is said to refer to an August 11 start of Ramadan.

We also have this at

	DST ends and clocks will move one hour back at midnight (00:00) between
	Tuesday August 10, and Wednesday August 11, in 2010.

	Egypt will revert back to DST after Ramadan and move their clocks
	forward at midnight (00:00) between Thursday, September 9, and Friday
	September 10, 2010.

	Egypt will end its 2010 DST schedule at midnight (00:00) local time
	between Thursday, September 30, and Friday, October 1.

Perhaps the clearest translation to rules is:
Rule	Egypt	2010	only	-	Aug	11	0:00	0	-
Rule	Egypt	2010	only	-	Sep	10	0:00	1:00	S

The first rule behaves the same way as what's now in the "africa" file;
the second rule restarts DST a day later than what's now in the file.


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