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Steven Abner pheonix at zoomtown.com
Fri Dec 9 20:48:35 UTC 2011

Last entry incase someone does use the file.
I tried to incorporate Zefram's concept of abbrev-to-candidate. Only a few
could be done. I started with CST, PST and realized I would be creating more conflicts,
so quickly abandoned zone allocation. The one candidate per time suffices for most of
the abbreviations (present or recent events). I removed any references to zones and indicated
the time the abbreviation was linked to, either by government or mostly Olson files, since that's
what they where/are used for. One stumped me, a few were best guesses as to the
times. Multiple candidates per zone was beyond the scope of use, for me, as a
date string in my situation can only have one use. There is no way I can query for additional input.
 Yes UTC should be used if it can be, but I do like my mail referencing my zone abbreviation, so
even if a server sent in UTC I would hope my mail converted to my location. Since my project
requires that I interpret the abbreviation, I make an attempt at doing so. If you don't use nor find
helpful, consider this the rantings of a loon and have your app avoid at all costs. If you can
create a better solution please share! I am by no means an expert on time nor its use.
  There may be one conflict I did create with your database, as mine is different. Please see
the Indonesia times and its link to the information it is derived from (in W's), I even think it might contain
different offsets?.

Thanks again for all replies and here is the corrected version.

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