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Sat Dec 31 01:29:15 UTC 2011

I'm new, so please ignore this if it's garbage.

The most recent comment in the *australasia* file on Samoa from Laupue
Raymond Hughes (2011-09-02) gives a link to a Samoan goverment website (
http://www.mcil.gov.ws/mcil_publications.html) and gives the dates of DST
switches for September 2011 and April 2012.

The actual database is correct for April 2012 but gives no future rule.

According to the website " Samoa will be one hour ahead of NZ (+12Hrs, in
Daylight Saving +13Hrs) " this is consistent with the 2012 date given on
the website:

*Year**End**Time**Start**Time*2011- - -- - -24 September3:00am to 4:00am
201201 April4:00am to 3:00am- - -- - -
(it's wrong for the 2011 date by one day, but that might be because of the
weird one day jump at the end of 2011???)

I suggest the rule for the future is updated to be similar to New Zealand
but changing one hour later. Something like:

Rule WS 2012 max - Sep lastSun 3:00s 1:00 D
Rule WS 2012 max - Apr Sun>=1 3:00s 0 S

Please excuse me if my syntax is wrong.



Samuel Colvin
S at muelColvin.com,
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