FW: "Etc\GMT" positive and negative

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I'm forwarding this message from Rodrigo Díaz López, who is not on the time one mailing list. Those of you who are on the list, please direct replies appropriately.


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I think I found a bug with the "Etc\GMT" zones.

If you use a "positive zone" like Etc\GMT+2 for calculate actual local time in this zone you obtain. local time for Etc\GMT-2 (¡a negative zone!). For instance, its' 5:00 PM (UTC/GMT), so in GMT+2 zone (Greece) the local time must be 7:00 PM. But, if you use TZ Database, you obtain. ¡3:00 PM!

And the opposite for "negative zones". 

Is a bit funny. Please, check it.

I found a web page (http://www.gsp.com/support/virtual/admin/unix/tz/gmt/) that use tz database (I think) and shows this error.

Best regards.

P.S.: It is possible that the problem was with the "codes", because in the world there are "GMT+13" and "GMT+14" zones, and these zones do not exist in tz database. However, in tz database exists "GMT-13" and "GMT-14" zones, that not exist in the real world. 
Rodrigo Díaz López
EXIS.rdiaz at iberia.es

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