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Would you please add me to the tz mailing lists?  Thank you.  Bruce
Primary Interest*:  *Separate the 24 Time Zones from the Universal Time Code
Currently time zones around the world are expressed as an offset from UTC.
Of course, we should continue to use UTC to set the time within each time
zone, but *not as the designation of that time zone*. It confuses
schoolchildren and the business world. *We need to be referring to each time
zone as their number, 1 through 24*.   It helps to facilitate global
thinking <>.

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As further backgrounder info.

*   Small Business School has a sixteen-year history as a weekly, half-hour
television show. On over 200 PBS stations in the USA and on several thousand
stations  around the world via the Voice of America, the focus has always
been on best business practices.

*    Every business owner has been recommended by their local business
advocates, often the local Chamber of Commerce, and confirmed by their
national trade association for their leadership, generosity of spirit,
ethics, and courage.  Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this show.

*    Over 40 of the best-selling business textbooks published by
Pearson-Prentice Hall and Thomson Learning-Cengage include these case study
guides and video:
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