Beta Test a small product for Windows?

David Patte dpatte at
Thu Feb 24 17:16:23 UTC 2011

I apologize if this is not the right place to post this message, but 
didn't know how else to reach people familiar with the zonedata files.

My small company, Relative Data, Inc., is in the beta testing stage of a 
new windows program that uses much of the tz database, including 
historical transitions, for displaying clocks and researching times and 
zones in the past and future.

It is also an astronomical research tool that allows you to explore UT, 
wall time, next clock change, local mean time, local apparent time, 
local sidereal time, terrestrial time, sunrise/set times, moonrise/set 
times, moon phase times, and season start times, in the past and future 
for your chosen research dates.

This version will be a free product when it is released. A pro version 
with alarms and openGL astronomical animations will follow later.

Since the product uses tz data extensively, I am wondering whether there 
are one or two people on this list, familiar with the structure of data 
in tz, that would like to volunteer to help beta test and give me 
feedback on this product before its released to the public.

Feel free to contact me directly, if you are interested.


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