Update for Asia/Calcutta timezone

Paul Koning paul_koning at Dell.com
Tue Jan 4 21:46:31 UTC 2011

On Jan 4, 2011, at 4:34 PM, Paul Eggert wrote:

> As I understand it, it's not even close: nowadays
> Mumbai aka Bombay has more than 2x the people of Kolkata aka Calcutta.
> Also, "Mumbai" is more commonly used in English to refer
> to the name of the city.  So this suggests that we should
> change it to Asia/Mumbai.
> Further comments are welcome.

Does it make sense to keep changing zone names to track ever changing demographics?  I don't think so.

If the capital of the country is in the zone in question, that's the only city name that makes sense.  If a zone needs to be named for some place other than the capital, then it makes sense to pick a big city, or the best known city.  But pick it and stick with it, don't try to keep changing things to track population shifts.  That just creates churn for no benefit.  Especially in this case, where both city names are well known.


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