proposed time zone package changes (Hawaii, stack overflow, et al.)

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Wed Jan 12 23:19:54 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Han, Aimin
<Aimin.Han at> wrote:
> Dear friends, can anybody tell me how to read the tz database programmatically?
> Any help documents out there?
> Thanks!
> Aimin

If you mean the source files,

1) I wrote a paper ( ),
mostly for my own benefit, explaining how /H. sapiens/ can read
the files.  (I think I got it right...if I made any mistakes, I'd love to
hear about them from the experts, which I'm not.)  Of course,
the Hawai'i example was written before the changes that ADO
just announced. 8-)

2) I wrote a paper ( ) suggesting
one way to put tz data in a SQL database.  If you click on the link
to Appendix B, you'll get to some links to an open-source library in
C++ that parses the Zone, Rule and Link lines and loads the data
into standard-library collections.

If you mean the data files,

3) I made an HTML table ( ),
again mostly for my own understanding, that shows the format of tz's
binary files.  As with 1) above, I'd appreciate knowing about it if any
expert sees something that I got wrong.


--Bill Seymour

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