[Meticulous] and well researched article on Alaska time zones

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The Alaskan article is delightful.  I did not need to be from Alaska to read it!

My grandparents deferred to a "summer schedule" (circa 1910-1935) used by the train and rail system.  They were rural farm folks a good hour or two from the big cities (by horse - and less time later when they had a car) but they knew the train kept that "summer schedule" and would mark the beginning and ending dates on their calendars.

They laughed at me when I asked them if they set their clocks backward or forward prior to WWII.  But, to their credit, they were always very aware of that "summer schedule".  

Time in the cities may run on a political cycle, but for the locals, the setting of the clocks was more politics than policy.  They wound their grandfather clock's when they rose to milk the cows.  If the local midwife recorded a birth-time, you can bet it was in Standard Time.  It wasn't until after WWII before there was any back and forth.  An uncle who grew up in Central Falls, Pawtucket said the same was true in the city.  So I'd be inclined to say it was not just the farm folks who ignored the DST.

I was raised in a small town outside of Providence RI.   It would not surprise me to see the local town records ignored DST in the twenties and thirties.

Rule	NYC	1920	only	-	Mar	lastSun	2:00	1:00	D
Rule	NYC	1920	only	-	Oct	lastSun	2:00	0	S
Rule	NYC	1921	1966	-	Apr	lastSun	2:00	1:00	D
Rule	NYC	1921	1954	-	Sep	lastSun	2:00	0	S

1883 Nov 18 12:03:58	-5:00	US	E%sT	1920
			-5:00	NYC	E%sT	1942
			-5:00	US	E%sT	1946


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The author lives in Alaska and many of the references listed are only available to Alaskan residents.


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