New time zone bundles available

Wed Jul 13 23:14:41 UTC 2011

New shell archives of time zone programs and data are available;
folks who are interested in getting copies should send me a note.

In the new bundles I've switched from having a
	int settz(char * zonename)
function to set the time zone to having two functions:
	void tzset()
which sets the time zone according to the environment variable TZ, and
	void tzsetwall()
which sets the time zone to the best available approximation to local wall
clock time, regardless of what's in TZ.
While several folks on the mailing list have expressed a preference for
settz over tzset/tzsetwall, I can't help but believe that system vendors
(who'll eventually have to bless any new standard)
would favor using tzset to increase forward portability.
(I'd appreciate comments on this point--unofficial and of the record,
if need be--from those of you who work for system vendors.)

The new bundles also include source (though, as yet, no documentation)
for the POSIX mktime function; this source is a merger of work done by Guy
Harris and work done by Robert Elz.

I hope to submit a new time zone package to mod.sources fairly shortly.
Two upcoming dates motivate this:  the date on which DST rule changes take
effect in the US (April 5), and an upcoming P1003 meeting in March.
The more you good folks can work things over before they go off to
mod.sources, the happier I'll be.
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