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Wed Jul 13 23:14:41 UTC 2011

Link    Europe/Istanbul Asia/Istanbul   # Istanbul is in both continents.

I know the case of Istambul (as a city) is very uncommon  ;-).
But I also know that the main part of Turkey is in Asia, so Turkishs
in Ankara will be very upset to set theirs clocks to Europe/Istambul...

I do not know how big is Ufa (and the relative size of European
part of this time zone relative to the Asian part), but that may
be a point to consider (i.e. is it the same as Egypt, or the same
as Turkey, to be excessive?)

Bottom line: unless the Asian part of Yekateriburg is larger
than 10 millions inhabitants (arbitrary limit), I consider we
should avoid adding this link.

Also, Mr Qinglong, please note you can easily customize your
own configuration by compiling (using zic) the following

Link Asia/Yekaterinburg Europe/Ufa

Quite convenient, isn't it?


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