Some modifications of China related timezone info.

John John
Wed Jul 13 23:14:41 UTC 2011

[ Hmm. This is a bit dated, I guess. ]

Paul Eggert <eggert at> wrote on Fri, 21 Apr 2006 at 10:07:38 -0700 in <877j5ix3fp.fsf at>:

> "Zhe Su" < at> writes:
> >   Unfortunately, most front ends (at least on GNU/Linux system) 
> > expose timezone identifiers like "Asia/Shanghai" to end users directly.
> Then let's focus on getting those front ends fixed the way you like.

It seems like this is a bit naive.

Users encounter the $TZ environment variable if they are doing something "out of the ordinary."

Users encounter the timezone in the filesystem (/etc/localtime symlinks).

But perhaps, most keenly, it is those time geeks who pay close attention to the zone (and manipulate it) who are ticked off (ha ha) by things like Asia/Shanghai, or America/New_York.

Somehow, I kind of doubt tzselect will ever solve this.

I can't say I see quite why it is such a bad thing to make exceptions in the uniform policy where they are clearly understandable and preferred by most people... I'm skeptical of claims of non-scalability.


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