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An Yang an.euroford at
Sat Jul 2 17:05:32 UTC 2011

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback.

在 2011-07-02六的 08:25 -0700,Paul Eggert wrote: 

> We have conflicting reports of whether Shanghai has more people than
> Beijing.  The official Chinese figures (from the 2010 census) say
> that Shanghai has more people; apparently some sources (which I
> haven't looked into) say the reverse.  In a situation like this
> I'm inclined to leave the names alone.  This is in accordance
> with the line in the "Theory" file that says "Do not change
> established names if they only marginally violate the above rules".
> (In this case, it's not even clear that the existing name violates
> the rules.)

The official Chinese figures (from the 2010 census) only include the
people who have local ID(hukou 户口), it do not reflect the population
of a city.
If the population of a city means how many people lives in the city, the
real number is much more than the data released by China gov.
For example, construction workers, home maid, even restaurant waiters,
and other low level works, most of them do not have local ID(hukou 户
They work in the city, but was not included in the released data, these
people maybe occupy more than 20% of the population of Beijing. 

I hope I can explain these data, and of cause, if you are really want to
know the real population of Beijing and Shanghai, you can come to China,
I'm glad to be your guide, you can see what I see, feel what I fell.
My suggestion is you can just treat these data as a reference, but not
judge dependencies.
I think it's a history mistake,  as a result of miss understanding of
China, that's not your fault, just in 90's of last century, you can
touch very few real data from China.

Let's forget the detail rules, focus on the the original goal of tzdata,
which let people in different timezone know where the are exactly, but
Asia/Shanghai confuse most Chinese and foreigners(please let me assume
that most foreigner know Bejing-:). 

If you insist on Asia/Shanghai, I can promise that somebody in China
will ask the same question again and agian in the nonstop future.
I beg you let's save the life of both you and me, stop the endless and
bothering discussion.

If you insist on the stable of tzdata, I can understand it absolutely. 
I think the best choice between you and me, is keep Asia/Shanghai and
just add Asia/Beijing, you can split China into two region, North China
and South China, both region has their own representation, that break

An Yang 

> The name that 'TZ' uses for the time zone is somewhat arbitrary,
> and need have nothing to do with the user interface for choosing
> time zones, which surely ought to be using labels like "北京时间"
> rather than anything in ASCII.

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