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Fri Jul 22 00:09:20 UTC 2011

> Along those lines, thanks to Curtis Manwaring from this list for 
> alerting me to the observed time zone anomaly for the Vidal 
> California area...

Thanks.  The question I have is how did the cell phone company (Verizon) know what time it was in Vidal, CA?  There are what look to be 2 cell phone towers, one at Vidal Junction behind the only gas station (and California produce checkpoint) and another just over a mile south of the junction between rte 62 and 95.  The time changes from Arizona (Mountain) to Pacific when traveling north of Vidal toward the junction.  They must have a database somewhere and it would be nice to get a copy of that for the Olson database.  Hopefully they've kept records going back several years.

Curtis Manwaring
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