Mid-Atlantic time zone with DST support

Isaac Lau isaac.lau at oracle.com
Tue Jun 21 21:19:24 UTC 2011



I am wondering if Olsen database supports the above with the following specifics:

If it does, please let me know which zone I should use.


Note that in Microsoft XP and Windows 7, it contains a  Mid-Atlantic time zone which observes DST.






# Atlantic Ocean or Mid Atlantic rules

# Rule   NAME   FROM   TO          TYPE      IN           ON         AT           SAVE     LETTER

Rule       MidAT   1980       max       -              Mar        lastSun 2:00        1:00        -

Rule       MidAT   1980       max       -              Sep        lastSun 2:00        0              -


# Atlantic Ocean or Mid Atlantic

# Zone  NAME                   GMTOFF              RULES   FORMAT              [UNTIL]

Zone Atlantic/Atlantic_Ocean -2:26:08 - LMT       1890                       # 

                                                -2:00      -              GST        1980       # South Georgia Time

                                                -2:00      MidAT   GST



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