Cuba will end DST on October 31, 2011

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Wed Mar 9 05:47:50 UTC 2011

Steffen Thorsen <straen <at>> writes:

> Granma announced that Cuba is going to start DST on 2011-03-20 00:00:00 
> this year.
> Nothing about the end date known so far (if that has changed at all).
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According to Juventud Rebelde and CUBADEBATE:
Cuba will end DST as usual: October 31, 2011:

Google translation from Spanish:
"As of March 20 will apply in Cuba DST to make better use of sunlight in daily 
activities, media reported today.

With this measure, which takes into account the increased length of day, the 
clocks will be advanced 60 minutes at 24:00 local time coming March 19 and will 
be the end of normal force last October 31."

P.S. All Cuban Media reports regards DST made reference to just one source-
Granma newspaper. I wonder if original Granma article came out few days late 
(Monday March 7) instead of last week (March 3-4) ... then Cuba may start DST 
on 2011-03-13 as rest of North America .... 

Alexander Krivenyshev, 

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