DST new rules for 2011 in Africa/Casablanca timezone

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Subject: DST new rules for 2011 in Africa/Casablanca timezone
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I was advised to write to you in order to warn u of an urgent DST change at Morocco for this weekend.
The DST new rules for 2011 Africa/Casablanca are the following:

Rules for Africa/Casablanca are the following (24h format)
The 3rd april 2011 at 00:00:00, il will be 3rd april 1:00:00
The 31th july 2011 at 00:59:59,  il will be 31th July 00:00:00

1st change will occur in the night from this Saturday to Sunday

Please could you update OLSON DB accordingly very soon please?

We have asked Red Hat  for new tzdata package (Ticket redhat Case 00444475 Maximal Priority).
But I guess they will contact u also to update OLSO DB files

Thank you for your quick help

Official links of change in morocco 
The change was broadcast on the FM Radio 
I ve called ANRT (telecom regulations in Morocco) at 

They said that  http://www.map.ma/fr/sections/accueil/l_heure_legale_au_ma/view  is the official publication to look at
They said that the decision was already taken

More articles in the press

Telecom future is starting today

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