proposeed time zone package changes--Chile/Russia/Irkutsk/Buryatia/Morocco

Dan Abitbol dabitbol at
Thu Mar 31 08:15:50 UTC 2011

Hello everyone
Please, do you have any news about any update about OLSON DB, RedHat tzdata packages  and PHP PECL timezonedb , regarding the following changes that will happen to Morocco this week end?
As said , we need to update 100 machines and build the corresponding packages for that
Thank you very much for any help 
Best Regards
Hello Mr Olson , 
Sorry but  I have made a mistake and I apologize for that but 
-       as Dereck understood properly from
-       It seems that the right rules  are for Africa/Casablanca are the following (24h format)
The 3rd april 2011 at 00:00:00, il will be 3rd april 1:00:00 
The 30th july 2011 at 23:59:59,  il will be 30th July 23:00:00  
Could you take it into account ?Thank you very much 
Please Christophe, could you update RedHat also ?  
Thank you very much all for your support
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