[tz] Thread-safe localtime(3) (was Re: Reading binary files)

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Wed Nov 2 20:45:00 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 02 November 2011 13:12:01 Bennett Todd wrote:
> It'd surely be nice if this reorg could be propagated to tzcode, in C,
> ultimately to wend its way into libc everywhere; forking or independently
> reimplementing tzcode carries a maintenance cost, as the tzdata format
> isn't quite completely set in stone yet, and as sufficiently clever
> legislators cook up sufficiently brilliant schemes to "save daylight", it's
> possible tzdata format and tzcode may have to co-evolve again.
> Any folks on this list have opinions about how the tzset/localtime api
> should best evolve?

POSIX already covers things like localtime().  if people want to extend the 
time API that is part of the C library, then that discussion should happen on 
the POSIX mailing lists.

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