[tz] Decoding timezone data

Thom Hehl Thom at pointsix.com
Mon Nov 7 19:06:16 UTC 2011

OK, so I'm making some progress on my library. I'm attempting to read
the timezone information for America/Kentucky/Louisville.


When I run through the values for transition times, I get 177 values
such as follows:


2661690496, 2693140096, 2759063296, ...


The docs say these transition times are in values returned by the c time
function, which returns seconds since midnight, 1/1/1970.  If that is
the case, then the three values above convert to:


May 6, 2054 at 2:28:16 PM

May 5, 2055 at 2:28:16 PM

June 6, 2057 at 2:28:16 PM


These are nowhere near the DST conversion dates for these years and are
moving forward. This appears incorrect. Can someone show me what I'm
doing wrong?





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