[tz] [PATCH 0/1] Add Asia/Beijing

James M Leddy james.leddy at canonical.com
Mon Aug 13 19:49:22 UTC 2012

I know this is a controversial topic, but I've been asked to submit
this, and have decided to do so for a few reasons:

 * We'll stop getting questions of why Beijing Time is not included.

 * People that want to ship their own modified version of tzdata can
   take this patch.

 * The common proposed fix is that we should be using "human
   presentable" names and have a mapping from these names to the
   actual timezones. Since that proposal, indeed since the inception
   of desktop Linux/Unix, no one (as far as I know) has actually done
   this, leading to continued confusion from users.

 * I've seen it argued that we have to keep the the database pristine,
   yet the bar for entry does not actually seem that high.  For
   example, we have a link from the Vatican to Rome, even though it
   should be pretty obvious that they're the same time zone. And we
   have a Link for people that can't seem to figure out if Nicosia is
   in Europe or Asia.

 * This really does seem to confuse users. "Eastern Time" includes
   both Washington, D.C. and New York City. The justification is that
   we never added Washington to the list, so we shouldn't add
   Beijing. But this is really not a fair comparison. It's called
   "Beijing Time". I'm sure if ET was called "Washington Time", it
   would at least give me pause to select New York time, even though
   I'm a New Yorker. No one gets confused that they have to pick New
   York, or Madrid instead of Barcelona, so that argument doesn't hold

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