[tz] [PATCH 0/1] Add Asia/Beijing

Steffen "Daode" Nurpmeso sdaoden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 15:52:25 UTC 2012

Mark Davis ␦ <mark at macchiato.com> wrote:

 |I don't think any of the extra links are useful or necessary, and are just
 |complications for no good purpose. As noted in other messages:
 |   1. The TZ identifiers are simply internal identifiers. Any good UI will
 |   map to them, but have a very different presentation (including
 |   translation). The fewer the better, and the fewer gratuitous changes (like
 |   spelling) the better.

Except for Mac OS X all operating systems i use simply map Olson's
hierarchy.  I don't think i need to look at the installation stuff
to say that, but i may be mistaken, so please correct me if that
is the case.

And i don't think always-on needs-a-webservice-to-run is a good
thing either, not at least for many many people who maybe don't
have an internet connection at all (by themselves, for free, or
whatever).  The first part is surely my opinion and nothing else.

If it's so easy to improve the experience for so many people, and
given all those aliases that yet exist, and maybe the circumstance
that Bejing is rather official, and that Bejing is the place where
the emperor had it's palace, in short, then i would include the
name Bejing in a DB.

(In fact i think i would even add a text file with some more
mappings, maybe even containing GPS/Galileo coordinates, and let
it grow over time.  I.e., 'TZ COUNTRY [STATE] CITY COORDINATES'
or whatever.  How large would it get?  Anyway, with it, the Olson
Database would almost be self-contained.  But i'm not a real
expert, i'm a programmer which use[sd] it in it's own products.

 |   2. UIs that present cities are going to have many more cities, enough
 |   that people can pick one that they know about without having to be aware
 |   that they are all in the same zone. (If I'm a German on a trip to Vegas,
 |   I'm going to want to pick Vegas for the timezone rather than having to know
 |   that Vegas is in the same zone as Los Angeles and not Denver or Phoenix.)

As two site notes: if a german drives to Vegas, he and she are
most likely about to go for a fast and/or big wedding (even though
i think divorce rules have changed in Germany for such marriages,
but i'm very undecided wether my memory is correct here).  So
let's just hope for them that all they look for is "is it dark
outside?", horray.  (Horray!!)

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