[tz] Posix time zone question

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jan 17 00:47:32 UTC 2012

On Jan 16, 2012, at 3:22 PM, Petr Machata wrote:

> I seem to recall that identical zones are hardlinked, so having two (or
> several) files like that only has an overhead of one inode.  At least on
> Linux, I don't know how AIX works in this regard.

AIX might not even ship with the "right" rules; it might ship only with the "posix" ones, and not have the "right" or "posix" directories.  (That's how Mac OS X ships - no leap second stuff and no "right" and "posix" directories; "right" and "posix" might be Linuxisms/GNU libc-isms.)

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