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I hit the wrong reply button _again_...

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On 02/29/2012 02:47 PM, Tim Parenti wrote:
>  Like Chris Walton, Philip Newton, and Alan Barrett, I prefer the
>  inclusion of all the "zone changes," even if they didn't result in
>  clock changes.  Although, in the time period we're discussing,
>  broadcast schedules weren't really a factor, this still seems to me to
>  be how people travelling through the area (by railroad, for instance)
>  would think of the time... not in terms of UTC, but rather in terms of
>  offsets from the surrounding zones.  Knowing if one's time was "in
>  line" with the bulk of the Pacific zone or the Mountain Zone would be
>  important, even if that effect is caused by everyone else changing
>  their clocks, not you.

I would add the caveat that this depends on the _actual_ local practice.
Before DST was adopted in Indiana, people here [at least around me]
always called the time Eastern Standard, and were only dimly aware that
we were on the same time as Chicago for part of the year. Even despite
broadcast schedules being an issue.

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