[tz] tzcode2012a & tzdata2102a released.

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Thu Mar 1 12:15:26 UTC 2012

The files
are now available.

These reflect the changes circulated earlier this week, as corrected
based upon reports received, and summarised below.

The changes in tzcode2012a (compared to the previous version, 2011i)
are entirely to the README and tz-art.htm and tz-link.htm files, if
none of those concern you, you can ignore the code update.  The changes
reflect the changed addresses for the mailing list and the code and
data distribution points & methods (and a link to DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile
has been added to tz-link.htm).

In tzdata2012a (compared to the previous release, which was 2011n)
the major changes are:
	Chile 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 summer time date adjustments.
	Falkland Islands onto permanent summer time (we're assuming for the
		foreseeable future, though 2012 is all we're fairly certain of.)
	Armenia has abolished Summer Time.
	Tokelau jumped the International Date Line back last December
		(just the same as their near neighbour, Samoa).
	America/Creston is a new zone for a small area of British Columbia
	There will be a leapsecod 2012-06-30 23:59:60 UTC.

A few more minor changes are also included:
	Changes to Canadian 1918 summer time end dates (so it occurred
	on a Sunday, rather than Thursday, which is more likely correct.)
	A new URL (in the comments in the europe zone file) to the article
	describing the history of timezones in the UK (this should probably
	be promoted to a link in tzlink.htm or something, but that hasn't
	happened yet.)

	A couple of typo corrections to the list of French place names
	reported by Henri Le Corre that define the upper limit of the
	free zone where (as I understand it) German rules were not
	applies during (a part of) WWII.   These are based on the
	rendition supplied by John Halloran, and unless I botched it,
	should make what we have be a correct copy of the source, as nearly
	as is possible in strict ASCII (the accent marks are missing...)
	I know I said we would hold off on this until the next version,
	but with the data being available, and the corrections needed so
	simple, I thought I could include it in this version.
	Now we can discuss what how we should represent the data with
	perhaps more modern (or better ascii versions of) place names
	in the next version, but at least now we're working from a common
	(external) base source.

I still have not implementewd (even really seriously investigated) the
procedures necessary to generate signed files, so once again I am appending
to this message the results of several (crypto strength) hash functions applied
to the two files (and this time, all this has been prepared on my laptop
at a time when it isn't connected to any network at all, so there's an
even higher level of assurance than normal that these hashes really do
represent the data I intend to distribute.)   The "digest" program from
NetBSD's pkgsrc (which can be installed on many different OSs) was used
to generate these values (but anything running any of the same algorithms
should produce the same results.)

Finally, it is my hope (though without intending to apply any pressure)
that the next release will be back under the coordination of Arthur David Olson
(I'll continue if he's unwilling, and Paul Eggert doesn't want to take
over instead, but I'd much prefer to see ado back in control, for as
long as he wants to continue.)

Thanks for all the assistance from everyone that I've received over the
few months I've been doing this, this is truly one of the nicest and
most satisfying of the network communities in which to participate.


MD5 (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = a72bb8c29893ee3bfd1101aca29d4064
MD5 (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = cc43867f4768e5c2e8315d9b3cac62ed
RMD160 (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = b498355392e7e141e12fc4ca3592cfec6e96ef00
RMD160 (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = b95722a2d42744bb217e11ace7b5bc7195f86d77
SHA1 (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = 80e0c9efb067950f34826d0708ff61e72e019da5
SHA1 (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = 5bd828d0845937da92c0518060a4aa8fbad81f8d
SHA512 (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = c37d95081a1097ba46d1887ef13bf112216bc45f21542bf559744f329602e109c3a9a7a7705ed41432049ad3905f87a747ddbc6f7c11470fcf44fc5bf946c9e3
SHA512 (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = dff197b7ae7a204fa2c716d27ad83c0f29fba3bdede0059d0507ad3f4117849c90e578df5bba62c397e1709bce1c26382a61b0ea9c8face671e7228dbf5b7bab
TIGER (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = 3f38fc0884f3eef800289a9e6cd9ee69b0405f75447319fc
TIGER (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = d0609c3f36e735ab5708f473336f66edb33f68d58333b9dc
WHIRLPOOL (tzcode2012a.tar.gz) = 5a98d5ecb0956eba9f52403ea58125933998f3d1f402fba5b04815b5c2d861e9c010df38258a8f479c8a26a7d301c5d45e63a5a0586e24dcdd97007051e0ca5b
WHIRLPOOL (tzdata2012a.tar.gz) = 4c3e7e372d708baf5cf15ece01c31f38880e50fbf402ef346d0cd27f4203282862660322a76efb1144b84ff08c86407e714fc1d858e1c7ce22f7cbb10923fb52

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