[tz] Eternal DST rules for Morocco from 2012 at last

Dan Abitbol dabitbol at streamwide.com
Thu Mar 15 15:02:28 UTC 2012

Hello Petr

Thank you for your answer. We do wait for RH packages then. Christophe,
could you confirm this with RH ?
I am surprise because actually RH makes also their package from icann tz

As to php, php can use its own timzonedb extension. Depending on the php
version , we will need it or not (PHP52 for instance). 
Actually , we can not upgrade php (as it would required the complete
revalidation of our complex products)  and for some  php versions (5.2.5 ,
5.2.9, 5.2.13) , we do need the timezonedb.so made from Derick's PECL source
pakage , which is also made from icann tz database also. 

This is why we need as soon as possible a release of icann tz database 2012c
that would include morocco changes .  

Thank you very much for your understanding 

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"Dan Abitbol" <dabitbol at streamwide.com> writes:

> Sorry to disturb again but as you know Morocco have new DST rules and 
> first change is scheduled on 25 March 15, 2012-03-15 Do you plan to 
> release 2012c that takes into account these new rules for Morocco 
> soon?
> We really need them to get Red Hat publish new tzdata rpm and PHP Pecl 
> to publish new timezone db extension from your official files And then 
> we need to update more than 40 machines at one of our customers in 
> Morocco

An update with the Morocco changes is in the making for Red Hat Enterprise
Linux in particular.

About the PHP extension, are you talking about "timezonedb"?  They write
that "you should only install this extension in case you need to get a later
version of the timezone database than the one that ships with PHP".  I
believe that on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in particular, PHP is patched to
use system-wide tzdata.  If that is not the case, it would be worthy of a
bug report.  Of course, if you are using a different operating system, that
may not apply to you.

Thank you,

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