[tz] Eternal DST rules for Morocco from 2012 at last

Dan Abitbol dabitbol at streamwide.com
Fri Mar 16 14:45:53 UTC 2012

Yes that’s correct 
However, in all public communications, the Moroccan government never
mentioned at what time the switch to GMT+1 would happen exactly. 
For sure we know that the switch back to GMT will happen on last Sunday of
September at 2h59:59 am  and therefore the switch to GMT+1 would happen the
last Sunday of April (29 I think) at 1h59:59 am

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Well, that certainly helps with the timeline for deployment of this change.

Not a native French speaker, but here is my rough translation of the

Daylight saving time was postponed to late April.  Mustapha El Khalfi,
Communications Minister and government spokesman, announced a delay of one
month for daylight saving time.  In fact, the transition to summer time, to
be brought forward by 60 minutes, will be from the last Sunday of April and
not late March, as previously announced.  This decision was made after
discussion of proposals to take into consideration the requirements of
education, explains El Khalfi, at the conclusion of the Governing Council
which was held yesterday.

Tim Parenti

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 08:57, Dan Abitbol <dabitbol at streamwide.com> wrote:

L’heure d’été reportée à fin Avril. Mustapha El Khalfi, ministre de la
Communication et porte-parole du gouvernement, annonce un délai de un mois
pour l’heure d’été. En effet, le passage à l’horaire estival, soit avancé de
60 minutes, se fera à partir du dernier dimanche d’avril et non fin mars,
comme annoncé précédemment. Cette décision a été prise après discussion des
propositions appelant à prendre en considération les impératifs de la
scolarité, explique El Khalfi, à l’issue du Conseil de gouvernement qui
s’est tenue hier.
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