[tz] Paul Eggert as new coordinator?

Paul Goyette pgoyette at juniper.net
Tue Mar 27 04:40:13 UTC 2012

As a generally silent consumer of the tz data (and occassionally, 
tz code), my vote probably doesn't mean much.  But Paul Eggert's 
long-term involvement with the community should speak for itself, 
and I would welcome him as the new coordinator.

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Subject: [tz] Paul Eggert as new coordinator?

I've been in touch with Paul Eggert;
Paul is willing to serve as time zone coordinator.
Paul has been part of the time zone community since the early 1990s;
folks can read the database files to see the depth of Paul's involvement.

I'd appreciate reactions to Paul's offer;
please respond within the next week.
(I hope to have a new coordinator in place sooner rather than later.)


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