[tz] Paul Eggert as new coordinator?

Christopher LILJENSTOLPE cdl at asgaard.org
Thu Mar 29 11:38:26 UTC 2012



On 28Mar2012, at 19.12, Robert Masters wrote:

> I think Paul is an excellent choice.
> My deepest thanks to him for agreeing to take over, and to you, Arthur, for all your work in creating this.
> -Rob
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> Subject: [tz] Paul Eggert as new coordinator?
> I've been in touch with Paul Eggert;
> Paul is willing to serve as time zone coordinator.
> Paul has been part of the time zone community since the early 1990s;
> folks can read the database files to see the depth of Paul's involvement.
> I'd appreciate reactions to Paul's offer;
> please respond within the next week.
> (I hope to have a new coordinator in place sooner rather than later.)
>        --ado
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