[tz] Bugs in Russia - Seven month past since 2011-09-17 - still not fixed

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Wed May 2 15:15:25 UTC 2012

Tobias Conradi said:
>> I'm with Alan, I've read the messages a few times now, and I don't
>> have the vaguest idea what was requested to be changed,
> Not sure, what is not to be understand with:
> "Suggested new zone:
> Asia/Barnaul, split from Asia/Omsk"
> >or why.
> "Moves to Omsk Time"
> ..
> 1995-05-28 Altai Krai, Altai Oblast

If the zone is split from the Omsk zone, then on 1995-05-28 it was already
on Omsk time. So how would the two zones differ?

> FIX: oblast should be Republic.

If there's a new zone, then that fix can be made. Or the change can be made
in the existing zone.

> If not on the fly, it should be specified in the Theory file, so that
> contributors are warned that their fixes may not be added for 7+
> months if they don't affect current time stamps.

I think you mean "... their fixes may not be added for 7+ months if nobody
else can understand what they're asking to be changed".

>> - determining which zone someone should use to get the correct
>> timestamp translations is not our problem
> I think you are misinformed again.

No, I think you are.

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