[tz] proposed changes: past Altai/Tomsk time zone shifts

Tobias Conradi tobias.conradi at gmail.com
Thu May 3 15:02:15 UTC 2012

First I suggest to change "[This region consists of]" as e.g. in
! # From Oscar van Vlijmen (2001-08-25): [This region consists of]
to "[This zone consists of]" since I assume "region" here refers to
the tzdb zone.

Second I suggest to
A) either use the names of the country subdivisions as in the
Wikipedia article names, e.g. Altai Krai, Altai Republic, Omsk Oblast,
which are more compact than the adjective forms and use English class
names (Republic instead of Respublika) or
B) to use the BGN/PCGN names as listed in ISO 3166-2.

Especially I suggest to avoid names without class name, e.g. "Altai"
which looks ambiguous to me and to avoid avoid the class name "region"
as in "Tomsk Region" which does not clearly identify the type of
subdivision to readers that don't know that region means oblast here.
The terms "oblast", "krai", "republic" serve the latter purpose well.

The Wikipedia article names are in a middle position, they don't use
transliteration and they don't use translation as in oblast->region.
The tzdb may get in trouble if other levels of subdivisions are to be
referenced, e.g. raion/rayon is sometimes translated as region too.

! # Altai and the Altai Republic May 28, 1995 at 4:00 am,
Change the first "Altai" to "Altai Krai"

! # Tomsk Region May 1, 2002 at 3:00 am."
Tomsk Region->Tomsk Oblast

! # Omskaya oblast'.
maybe use Omsk Oblast

+ # Respublika Altaj, Altajskij kraj.
maybe use Altai Republic, Altai Krai

Tobias Conradi
Rheinsberger Str. 18
10115 Berlin


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