[tz] proposed changes: past Altai/Tomsk time zone shifts

OvV_HN ovv at hetnet.nl
Fri May 4 15:28:43 UTC 2012

A couple of additional tidbits, probably not really contributing to the 
Russian timezones discussion, but possibly interesting to some.
Most details are from memory; I have not the time to look up all references.

1) Back then another contributor to the TZ list looked up which districts 
(ulusy) of Sakha (Jakutija) were in which timezone. I merely incorporated 
his research into my report on all Russian timezones. I tried to give him 
credits, but his name was somehow lost in the comments in the TZ file.
I forgot, I have lost the emails, if reference is needed: please look it up 
yourself in the TZ mail archive.

2) Transliteration scheme: back then I chose for the Chemical Abstracts 
transliteration which had 2 advantages: (a) two-way, (b) Posix 1 compatible.
Two-way means: the transliterated text can be transformed back into Russian 
again. With schemes like GOST 7.79 (ISO 9) and several other schemes, only 
one-way transliteration is possible.
Why Posix 1? Because the text files in the TZ distribution have no document 
type definition, nor any character set designation. Furthermore, the rest of 
the database and the software should be Posix 1 compatible, I learned from 
the TZ maintainers. Hence: thou shalt not use any characters beyond 7-bits 
ASCII or so.

3) Districts in Sakha are in this republic called ulusy (nominative case; 
singular: ulus), in several other Russian publications they are called 
rajony (singular: rajon). The law (see my point 5) gives both terms. I think 
"districts" is close enough for a text comment in English.

4) With respect to the transliteration scheme in the comments: what are we 
talking about?
At any rate not about any vital part of the TZ software. I wouldn't give it 
much more attention, if I may suggest.

5) The law (http://www.garant.ru/hotlaw/federal/346568/) states very clearly 
which Sakha districts are in which timezone. Please check this for current 
times in the TZ database, if not done already.
There is however one not so clear part, namely the Newsiberian Islands. From 
memory I recall that one TZ contributor said they are administered from the 
central government of the republic. Heaving read several texts and looked at 
a couple of Russian maps, I'm inclined to believe the islands are part of 
the Bulunskij Ulus. Regretfully I have no definitive reference for you. Then 
again: how many people actually live in this reserve? So, what is the effect 
if we put it into the wrong timezone?

Oscar van Vlijmen

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