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"[tz] proposed changes: past Altai/Tomsk time zone shifts"
>> http://www.garant.ru/hotlaw/federal/346568/
>> ???? (ulus) not found on that page
> Them trolls! Good you looked into this!
> The complete text of the law is now published at:
> http://government.ru/gov/results/16355/

The 1992
only has raion as far as I could see.

for Sakha has ulus with raion in parentheses.
while the summary at
has only raion.

All non-English Wikipedias use a form of "Ulus" for an article about
an individual ulus, only the English WP does not, e.g.:

I suggest using only transliteration (i.e. raion or ulus) instead of
using the term "district" for the tz database. This avoids issues with
other entities that may be translated as district. Following are two
examples of other translations for the pair raion=district.

Economic raion -> Economic region

Federal okrug -> Federal district

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