[tz] Comments and mapping of tz zones to the real world

Tobias Conradi tobias.conradi at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:20:50 UTC 2012

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 8:16 PM, David Zülke
<david.zuelke at bitextender.com> wrote:
> On 08.05.2012, at 19:28, Tobias Conradi wrote:
>> On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 9:51 AM, Wallace, Malcolm <Malcolm.Wallace at sc.com> wrote:
>>>> Who is we?
>>>> This does not apply to what the IANA hosted tzdb project does. Do you
>>>> have a mailing list for your tzdb project?
>>>> Also it seems the Elz tzdb is much less known than the IANA / Olson
>>>> tzdb.
>>> I believe, when Robert says "we",
>>> he probably means himself, Arthur
>>> Olson, and Paul Eggert, who together have recently been the official
>>> maintainers of the IANA/Olson tzdb.
>> I see no indication on the mailing list that Robert Elz is the
>> spokesperson for Arthur David Olson.
> He's one of the official maintainers.
Who is "he" referring to? I think Arthur David Olson is one, but IIRC
Robert Elz too has been involved with maintaining.

>If you have a problem with that,
I don't have a problem with someone being a maintainer. If Robert Elz
is one, I just hope he is not going to delete the mapping comments for
the time zones for Indiana, because he doesn't seem to understand what
they can be used for:

Q: "Can you tell a way of how a user determines the correct zone for a
random location in Indiana,"

A: "No, no idea, not my problem.   The general process is that they select
whichever of those towns (or locations) has (and has had) clocks showing
the same time as their local clock,"

>>> in a manner that often comes across as rude and offensive.
>> That is your interpretation.
> That is not his interpretation, that is very likely
> the interpretation by the vast majority of people on this list.
An interpretation can be shared by different people. I didn't wrote
that it would be exclusively his interpretation.

> Stop being aggressive. Stop being abrasive.
> Stop being condescending.
Again, lack of any evidence for that to have been happened.

> Start saying "please",
You mean like in my first posting this year, after the old mailing
list archive had been moved:
Or in the second one:

Can David Zülke provide a list of how many "please" he expects from
every single mailing list contributor, including himself? Can he also
provide a list of how that was fulfilled?

> start saying "thank you",
You mean like here

Can David Zülke provide a list of how many "thank you" he expects from
every single mailing list contributor, including himself? Can he also
provide a list of how that was fulfilled?

> start being friendly.
I think this tz mailing list is for maintaining the tzdb. I don't see
that it is meant for exchanges friendly greetings.

> Stop interpreting the subtle and polite bits of feedback
> you have received regarding your behavior as personal attacks,
> and start treating them as hints on how to improve your communication style.
Looks a little bit as you would speak about the people that call my
mailings aggressive, abrasive etc. Maybe my mailings are a help for
them to improve their communication style, e.g. replacing "we" with
something more specific.

>>>  But if you persist with your
>>> current abrasive approach,
>> What do you think is my "current abrasive approach"? Can you show to
>> the list members some examples?
> Nobody needs examples, Tobias.
I didn't talk about a need. I asked whether you can.

>Everyone except you knows what he is talking about.
Well, I know a lot of people that don't even know about the tz mailing
list. But I educated several during the last weeks.

> It's the same kind of behavior that got
> you banned from Wikipedia (both de and en).
I think this claim without evidence is out of scope of the tz mailing list.

>Most of your feedback here is certainly valuable,
> but the way you get it across is, at best, counter-productive.
Counter-productive for what? If I point out errors in the tzdb or
related statements, then it is exactly what I want to do.

> Let me know if you'd like any specific pointers to what
> he might be referring to by "abrasive" off-list.
> I'll be happy to point them out if that helps you in the matter.
Thanks for this offer. I think if claims about my editing are made on
list, these claims should be backed by evidence on-list, or the claims
may be regarded on-list as unbacked by evidence.

Like sometimes newspapers are forced by law to put up corrections in
same size and at the same place where the original claim has been

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