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Thu May 10 09:16:28 UTC 2012

[tz] Uzbekistan - insufficient location desciption
Tobias Conradi tobias.conradi at gmail.com
Wed May 9 15:48:29 UTC 2012

I would like to propose to ignore this email for the moment.
Tobias is trying to give more details for the east / west division of 
Looking at the TZ asia file I get the impression that we are talking about 
the situation in the olden days.
Furthermore I get the impression that Tobias is trying to overlay the 
current divisions of Uzbekistan to the situation before 1930, when there 
were 2 distinct timezones.
If you look at old maps, you will notice that for instance the Samarkand 
region cannot be described in terms of provinces of 2012.
(Administrative divisions of Uzbekistan, in Russian)

In my opinion the comments in the TZ asia file (Samarkand Time, Tashkent 
Time) can be regarded as sufficient. Provisionally you may call this West, 
East, as in zone.tab. So, don't change no nothing!

Sakha Republic and the Newsiberian Islands.
I haven't given a reference yet, here it is:
In this map we see that the Newsiberian Islands (Novosibirskije Ostrova) are 
part of the Bulunskij Ulus, numbered 6 in the map.
This is no definite proof, but good enough for me.

Transliteration of Russian names. Please don't Americanize too much. The 
letter "y" is overused. In that case the reconstruction back into Cyrillic 
is somewhat difficult.
ISO 9 System B, or what I used (Chemical Abstracts = British Standard BS 
2979-1958) is better suited for 2-way transliterations. Which I prefer.
But if TZ prefers the American way: be my guest. But try to be a bit 
consistent, which would involve erasing all my Russian transliterations 

Oscar van Vlijmen

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