[tz] Missing entry for Heard Island and MacDonald Islands

Paw Boel Nielsen paw at boel-it.dk
Fri May 11 09:19:18 UTC 2012

I had the same issue and I resolved it my using the zone "Etc/GMT-5".

>From http://www.timegenie.com/country.time/hm:
To ensure accuracy of information, timegenie.com contacted the Australian Antarctic Division. On January 3, 2005, a senior official confirmed that Heard Island and McDonald Islands are UTC/GMT +5 hours. Additionally, since the islands are uninhabited, the islands do not observe daylight saving time.

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Hi everyone,

I am a developer by trade, so I am not sure if I have stumbled onto some missing data in the tz database. I am accessing the database using PHP (www.php.net<http://www.php.net>) which uses the latest version of the tz database (2012.3). I can use one of the built in functions to lookup timezone information for a given country using its ISO 3166-1 two letter country code (http://www.php.net/manual/en/datetimezone.listidentifiers.php).

I am currently building an application and found that Heard Island and MacDonald Islands (ISO code HM) does not exist in the database. After a quick look at the tz data, I was also not able to find anything about Heard Island and MacDonald Island in the files. I believe that there should be an entry for Heard Island and MacDonald Islands (HM) which uses the timezone Australia/Perth.

Is it possible that the entry was intentionally excluded for some reason? Or was it just missing from the database?


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