[tz] Propose new zone for Crozet Islands

Antoine Leca Antoine-TZ at Leca-Marti.org
Thu May 24 09:22:02 UTC 2012

Tobias Conradi wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 7:09 PM, Antoine Leca <Antoine-TZ at leca-marti.org> wrote:
> antartica file have slightly different coordinates (46°S 25' 51", 051°W
> 51'52") which are the ones for Alfred-Faure base, where most (all?)
> humans are.
> So maybe a name for the zone that is closer to what the Theory file suggests
> ----cite-----
> Keep locations compact.  Use cities or small islands, not countries or regions,
> ---------------
> is:
> Indian/Alfred-Faure
I used underline (_) since it was the common use so far.

> > (AFT is my invention, anything better will be fine with me;
> TFT, according to widespread use of "<ISO 3166-1 alpha-2>T"
... is already in use for Indian/Kerguelen, and would not be a
particularly useful choice here.
>> I went with
>> Indian/Alfred_Faure since, unlike
>> Indian/Port_aux_Francais, it fits with
>> the 14-character limit.)
> WP is not consistent, article title is
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Faure
> but in the article it is "Alfred-Faure"
I do not know the rules for English Wikipedia titles, so perhaps the
title is correct. Alfred-Faure, with hyphen, is the French spelling for
the name of the base; without the hyphen it would mean the person, here
the meteorologist which ruled the team creating the base 50 years ago.

About coordinates, I agree that seconds are somewhat silly, particularly
since there is nobody else hundreds of miles around (1 nautical mile is
1 latitude minute.) Then, obviously there is a typo (was mine,
1997-01-20) about the longitude, which ought be 051°W 51' 25", not 52".
Thanks for double-checking that.


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