[tz] Proposal to deprecate "." and "-" in zone names

Steven R. Loomis srl at icu-project.org
Fri May 25 15:10:20 UTC 2012

On 05/24/2012 04:27 PM, Tobias Conradi wrote:
> It doesn't matter whether it is anyone's job.
> I am here to improve usability of the IANA time zone database.
> Other people already invent new names because in their systems the
> IANA time zone names are not sufficient.
> E.g. CLDR has created UN/LOCODE based codes:
> http://cldr.unicode.org/development/development-process/design-proposals/bcp47-mapping

This a draft design document proposing what is now the 'tz' field of 
IETF BCP 47 Extension U < https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6067> 
referencing UTS35 and data < 
However, it is not relevant to simply the discussion of "." and "-", 
instead, the UN/LOCODE based codes (with some additions) were needed due 
to length restrictions.

The characters used are well-specified, I don't see any benefits to 
deprecating "." and "-".


ICU / CLDR Project

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