[tz] Bug - Statement by Paul Eggert (a TZ Coordinator) on update process not agreeing with IANA sources

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Sat May 26 04:38:24 UTC 2012

On Sat, May 26, 2012 at 02:20:44AM +0200, Tobias Conradi <tobias.conradi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 05/24/2012 03:46 PM, Tobias Conradi wrote:
> > You should
> I think I should nothing. I do what I want.
> > consider taking a step backwards
> > and refraining from sending email to the tz list
> > for a while,
> If you fix all bugs, I will stop emailing.

Just for those who didn't get it (which seem to be too many). The troling
pattern that Tobias Conradi employs is very common, and one of the hardest to
fight against.

What he does is report a large number of non-issues (such as typos or
similarly irrelevant "bugs"). Since many of these are actual bugs, it is hard
to ignore them for people with a modicum of manners.

Yes, some of the issue she brings up are real, but the amount of time
wasted on finding out which are, and even the amount of time wasted in
fixing trivial issues such as typos is high.

(It might help to remember that tobias himself actively and deliberately
ignores the most basic rules of netiquette, such as posting private mails
even when people asked him no to - it is clear that his intentions are not

The problem is that this ties a large amount of resources. Like mine, just
from sifting through his mails, and certainly the resources of the people who
actually do work on the timezone database. And this list is an almost idela
target, because in the decade I am subscribed to it (and probably before
that) nothig like that ever happened before.

I do admire Paul Eggert (and others) who actually tried to work with him, but
the net result of even trying to fix any issues he brings up is very probably
negative, because people unsubscribe and most importantly, time is wasted on
a large number of issues that are clearly irrelevant.

Tobias is simply a timebinder who tries to drag projects down into a mode
where they can't do any progress.

The only long term solution is to get rid of him (which is difficult, but in
the end, must be done), as other projects before have done when dealing with
him. He will not stop dragging down everything and everybody in useless

Sorry to add to the problem, this is definitely my only mail pointing this

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