[tz] tzdata2012f available

Paul_Koning at Dell.com Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Fri Sep 14 14:48:01 UTC 2012

I can't see a reason for a shared version number.  Sending out a "new" package that is actually just the old package with a new number attached is confusing at best.  It's more helpful for the version number to say when the package in question has changed.  So how about two packages, with two separate version numbers?

If you want to avoid confusion from similar-looking version strings that don't mean the same thing, you could use names like tzdata2012f for tzdata, and tzcode2012-2 for tzcode.  That way no one can think that a given tzcode "goes with" a given tzdata.


On Sep 14, 2012, at 10:35 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:

> On 09/14/2012 01:41 AM, Ian Abbott wrote:
>> Will tzcode be released every time tzdata is released even though the only
>> change is to the (shared) version number (and vice versa)?
> That's the way things are currently set up, yes.
> It is a bit of an annoyance, and perhaps we
> can think of a better way to do it.  One possibility
> would be to put the Makefile (which has the version number)
> into both distributions.

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