[tz] [PATCH 0/2] Follow Australian common usage and update CST/CST to CST/CDT and EST/EST to EST/EDT etc [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

David Patte ₯ dpatte at relativedata.com
Thu Apr 11 16:26:13 UTC 2013

I think you are correct that a lot of the est/cst website hits during 
daylight time are actually caused by the use of tz data on those sites. 
So, oddly, tz itself may be one of the major hidden factors that has 
prevented its own update - which doesn't quite seem right.

On 2013-04-11 6:43, John Hawkinson wrote:
> there is a
> massive effect from the deployment of the tz database that is nearly
> impossible to control for.


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