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Mon Apr 15 14:02:06 UTC 2013

John Hawkinson said:
> If I understand correctly, the region in question, Lord Howe, has three
> seasonal variations.

As I understand it, it has two: winter and summer. What's unusual is
that they're 30 minutes apart (winter is UTC+10:30, summer is UTC+11:00).

> On the other hand, I don't think LHDT/LHST/LHHDT is a good choice,
> because like it or not, some people get confused by the 'D'. Be liberal
> in what you accept, but rigorous in what you send.

What we actually want to know is what Lord Howians actually use.

> I think LHDT/LHST/LHHT was originaly proposed? To me that would be better.
> What is the downside to it?

It's unrelated to what anyone there uses?

(There's only 347 of them. Perhaps someone could go out and do a poll.)

But my point, reiterating Gwillim, is that you don't want to have
"standard" letters for offsets - particularly ones that aren't used by
the locals - because that will encourage bad programming practice. The
abbreviation section of the database seems to have caused more argument and
more cranks coming out of the woodwork than the rest put together.

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