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On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 7:07 PM,  <random832 at fastmail.us> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 12, 2013, at 10:57, Tobias Conradi wrote:
>> > On 12 April 2013 08:38, <random832 at fastmail.us> wrote:
>> >
>> >> You are inferring a systematism where non exists.
>> >
>> > Precisely.
>> Contradicting your own "Within the current tz database, sure, that is
>> presently the case. "
> If the tz database consisted of only US timezones, it would be true
> "within the current tz database" that daylight savings is always D (or W
> or P) and never S (which means Standard time).
> That doesn't mean there
> is a rule that it always _has to be_ one of those letters.
Did anyone claim anything to the opposite? If so, could you post the
link to that message in the email archive?

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