[tz] tzcode for windows?

random832 at fastmail.us random832 at fastmail.us
Fri Apr 19 20:01:56 UTC 2013

I've been meaning to ask this and kept having other things to do, and
wanted to wait for the australia stuff to be resolved before starting
what could be another large discussion (my patch has been sitting mostly
completed for weeks)

On Sat, Mar 9, 2013, at 1:51, Brian Inglis wrote:
> tzcode is supported under Windows by djgpp (2.03 for DOS and 2.04 for
> Windows 32 
> bit only), MinGW, and cygwin.

Can you provide details of this support? I don't want to break anything.

As I understand it, cygwin has its own fork of tzcode (and I dislike how
it handles system timezones when TZ is unset), rather than providing any
meaningful support for tzcode itself. And I'm not sure what the extent
of being able to "support" it with mingw is - compile zic and zdump?
easy. (though there are issues with hardlinks and the "itsdir" function
in zic that I doubt mingw properly fixes) compile the library functions
so you can link any program against it and have it magically work?
likely not so much.

I'd like to try building it with at least mingw myself, are there any
special steps required?

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