[tz] [PATCH 4/4] yellow flags

Derick Rethans tz at derickrethans.nl
Fri Aug 9 13:44:49 UTC 2013

On Fri, 9 Aug 2013, David Patte ₯ wrote:

> For some reason I did not receive [Patch 3/4]. Was it sent out?
> Also I would like, at least temporarily, to raise a yellow flag on patch 4/4.
> Numerous products allow their users to use the current tz identifiers and
> links directly and I need a short time to study the consequences of the change
> proposed for currently installed users. A case in point is Drupal, one of the
> top CMS systems in installed base (after Wordpress), which allows all users to
> select their own timezone identifier. There are currently about 1 million
> Drupal websites installed, many of which have hundreds or thousands of users.

As author of PHP's Date/Time support I can tell you the bundled library 
will contain *all* TZIDs, whether they are in backwards/links or not.

However, I do agree with your concerns over things like this:

-HR     +4548+01558     Europe/Zagreb
+HR     +4548+01558     Europe/Belgrade

I think this will give a *lot* of public outcry, with the other changes 
in the Balkans causing even more issues as suddenly people listing the 
zones for "HR" (Croatia) now will see the name of a Serbian city. This 
is *not* okay.


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