[tz] Unacceptable recent changes [wasRe: [PATCH 2/4] Move obsolescent Americas entries to 'backward'.]

Steffen Daode Nurpmeso sdaoden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 21:30:37 UTC 2013

I feel like i also have to comment.

Zefram <zefram at fysh.org> wrote:
 |I, for one, continue to have confidence in Paul Eggert's maintainership.

Paul Eggert is one of the major contributors to the TZ database,
and as such i have to and also want to show respect and thanks.
I've used the TZ data to make a living.
And indirectly use it daily, everywhere.

 |On zone.tab he's reached a good compromise, which reduced the

I disagree with this opinion of yours; the generated time.tab
still maps an ID (Europe/Belgrade iirc) to a different country.
The two countries in question were one for quite some time, and
there was a terrible war after they broke up.
Even if the dataset which i would simply describe as "horrible"
is now generated by a script, it is *still* generated.
And this is a step that imho noone but the involved tribes may

It wasn't really funny that Korn shell script that requires the
GNU bash to work (?) now supports geographical coordinates,
whereas column 1 of time.tab still exists.  I personally have
never had problems with ISO 3166.

Also, and that did really upset me, tzselect.8 has been changed to
use the mentioned horrible dataset for an example.  That was
unnecessary like anything else!  No!

 |There should be some project that tackles pre-1970 timezones
 |systematically.  My preference would be for the tz project itself to
 |do this.  It could be done gradually, by first permitting new zones

That would be great!


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